Ladies, let’s get one thing straight: caring about your clothes and appearance is not self-indulgent! It’s a form of self-expression. Dressing is your opportunity to be creative every day. It’s also your opportunity to tell others – without words – a lot about your values, attitudes and abilities.

Taking care with your clothes and grooming gives people confidence that you bring the same thought and attention to all aspects of your personal and professional life. Clothing is a resource. Use it as a tool, a secret weapon to help you achieve your goals. When your clothes are working for you, the rest of the day’s work falls into place.

A Dresscode consultation helps you use your clothes, grooming and accessories to create a positive first and lasting impression. You learn to combine style and lifestyle skills that build your self-confidence and give others confidence in you.

Besides these benefits consultations are tax deductible if your work involves dealing with the public.